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Daily/Special Event Parking Permit
Cerritos College Virtual Parking Permit

Section A. Details

All vehicles parking on campus must abide by the Cerritos College parking rules & regulations. Parking rules & regulations and the California Vehicle Code are enforced at all times. Colored curbs (blue for disabled, red for no stopping, green for 15 minutes, etc.) have the same meaning on campus as those found in any city. Any vehicle not properly parked or not in compliance with Cerritos College parking regulations is subject to citation and possible towing. For Cerritos College parking rules & regulations please visit: https://www.cerritos.edu/police/cp-park.htm

A Permit does not guarantee a parking space. The Cerritos College parking permit entitles a vehicle to park on the campus when space is available. During peak class periods, all lots may be full.
  • Parking permits are only available online
  • Signs displaying the website to purchase parking permits are located in every parking lot and throughout the campus
  • Permits must be valid for the current semester
  • Student permits are not valid in visitor or staff parking lots
  • Daily/Event permits can also be purchased through the online website
  • Parking permits are required every day, including weekends, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • No overnight parking allowed unless approved by Cerritos College PD (special permit required)
Cerritos College Police Officers patrol the parking lots every day and night. However, persons parking on district property do so at their own risk. Cerritos College does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked anywhere on District property.

SECTION B: Instructions
  1. Complete the Online Application Below.
  2. Please fill in all required fields.
  3. The cost of each Virtual Daily Permit is $3.00 per day and is valid until the end of the day of purchase at 11:59pm. Event Parking Permits are $5.00 for the duration of the event.
  4. The cost of each Virtual Monthly Parking Permit is $25.00 and is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  5. Once completed, please select continue to pay for your Daily/Event or Monthly parking permit.
    Your license plate number is now associated with your valid virtual Daily/Event parking permit
    You will automatically receive a copy of your receipt via email.
  6. NO REFUNDS on daily or monthly parking permits, no exceptions.

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