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ONLY citations issued July 1, 2018 and after are applicable for the payment plan.

Payment Rules for Approved Applicants

Please click to download application: Download.
  Low Income Plan
Deadline to Apply Within 60 days of citation issuance or 10
days after administrative hearing
determination, whichever is later.
Processing Fee $5, to be paid at time of application
Repayment Timeline Up to 18 months
Minimum Payment Per Month $25
Late Application Penalty $5; one-time exception
Fee Reduction Yes; late fees waived if payment plan is completed
Eligible to Apply Please see application for eligibility requirements.

Payment Rules/Regulations

I.  A registered owner or person responsible for the citations shall be eligible to enroll in a payment plan with proof of indigent status.
a)  Late fees will be placed in abeyance while in the payment plan, these late fees will be waived once the payment plan is completed.
b)  If additional citations are accrued during the payment plan period, the plan may not be modified to include these citations. A new application must be submitted and processed accordingly.
II.  Once the payment plan is in place and the applicant adheres to its terms, an itemization of unpaid parking penalties will not be filed with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and any DMV Registration Hold in place will be temporarily removed.
a)  If applicant defaults on payment plan, the DMV Registration Hold will be reinstated, if applicable.
III.  Fee to enroll in the payment plan shall be $5.00
IV.  Payments must be made each calendar month.
a)  There will be no grace period for late payments.
b)  For mailed payments, a postmark is acceptable to meet this requirement.
V.  Payment Plan Duration.
a)  For balances under $300, payments will be $25/month.
b)  For balances over $300, monthly payments will be assessed accordingly.

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